Irrigation, Agriculture, Tourism and Rural Development

API Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd.has such type of professionals who have successfully carried out a number of studies for Government of Nepal. Wide experience in the field of tourism, irrigation, Agriculture and Rural Development Sector has been accumulated by the company’s. Experience includes pre feasibility study, feasibility study, impact study of the project, Irrigation Schemes. API Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd is experience in this sector includes services provided in the following fields of specialization:

  • Erosion Control/Soil Conservation
  • Tourism development and promotion
  • Agricultural Production and promotion
  • Integrated Rural Development: Planning Study and Design of Multi-Sectoral Projects including Institutional Development and Socio-economic Studies
  • Land Resources Appraisal/land use pattern
  • Impact study of Irrigation Systems
  • Feasiblity study of Environmentally Sustainable Irrigation Schemes
  • Water Resources Appraisal and Use including Water Measurements, Water quality/Characteristics Determination, Suitability and Requirements of Water for Irrigation.
  • Sustainable Water management and waste water management
  • Agricultural Development Planning
  • Agri-economics, Peoples Participation
  • Conduction of On-the-Job Training of Clients Staff.
  • Conduction of training for WUAs & Local Beneficiary Communities.
  • Watershed Planning and management
  • Sustainable use of the water for irrigation sector and its ultimate impact on agriculture.